Interested in a reading or a Reiki healing? This is where you can find it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate, email me and let’s see what we can do.

Three Card Spread(Oracle or Tarot)  $35

With this reading, I can answer any one question you have. This spread can be formulated in many ways, not just past-present-future.




Five Card Reading(Tarot/Oracle)  $55 US

This reading is five cards, up to to questions. I pick the Spread for you. This reading is very popular for those who want to have light shone on what’s coming in the next few months to questions about work, health, home. If you have worries, this is a great reading.


Alchemy Reading(Oracle, Tarot) Samhain Special $108 US

This reading is a special reading I created specifically for those who want an in-depth video reading and wish to be able to see more of what spreads may be used, what decks, and how I blend my knowledge with spirit and intuition to bring out the information they seek. This reading can have anywhere from 15-45 cards depending on the questions asked. Limit of six questions.


Reiki Healing Session- 30 minutes- $50

If you’ve ever experienced touch energy healing or any of the energy healing modalities, then Reiki is something you may truly find as a blessing. Many who employ Reiki in their lives discover they’re more energetic, they’re self healing, and discover a depth within themselves. If you wish a session, email me your concerns, a time when we can either Skype chat or we can setup a remote healing session. If you choose a remote session, I will upload a personal video just for your private viewing.