The crazy night

I’ve spent this week making three videos, revamping websites, moving websites to a faster platform, losing a website, rebuilding, and finding out I have severe diverticulitis, oh how mild the word “severe” is. Yet, here I am, ready to shoot it all.

This week Oracle School started with Colette Baron-Reid, and I’m tired already. Learned so much and I’m taking the videos and homework slowly. This on top of the readings I’ve been doing for others to showcase and build myself up- life is crazy. But there you have it.

Yet…yet, the cards have told me to hold on, keep strong. 3 of Cups in Tarot- abundance is coming. Milk & Honey from the Wisom of the Oracle(WOTO) deck. So…peace, rest, take the crazy in stride with the tears. Celebrate what things I can. Rejoice with friends over good things.

What cards have you picked this week?


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